A Visit to Alstede Farm


There are few things in life that bring me more joy than food from the earth. The freshest possible.

So a day spent on a farm in the pick your own veggie fields is, for me, a truly joyous experience. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Frankly they are more powerful than my words can ever be.


Unwrap the leaves to reveal a golden beauty.

cauliflower root

Is this the wrong way to pick a cauliflower?


Gorgeous baby broccolini

Abra Kale

Abra + Kale = True Love Forever

Collard Greens

The collard green dance. Do you know the steps?


Picked a Peck of Purple Peppers

bags of veggies

And 30 lbs of veggies later!


The loot

Abra veggies

That is a very genuine vegetable smile

Now… what am I going to do with 30 lbs of veggies?? I can promise you my juicer is going to get a workout this week!

If you are interested in visiting the veggie meca you can visit their website here: Alstede Farm, Chester NJ  The PYO veggie fields are open until the end of October and did I mention it’s only $1.99/lb for whatever you pick?? Awesome!

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